With a reasonable price, solid execution and impressive feature set, the first incarnation of the Behringer DDX proves to be a worthy. Find great deals for Behringer DDX – 32 Channel Digital Mixing Desk. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Behringer DDX Digital Mixer. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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All user reviews for the Behringer DDX3216

Write a user review. C but since I’ve done it 4 years, used multiple configurations, I have never had any problems but I add for safety behind a UPS.

Our members also liked: I think having the forum and the opinions that this console has the capacity and performance alternative to the 01V96 which is expensive but in return for its price, you have to fiddle a bit to get some reliability yamaha It’s expensive but it works and you buy you ask yourself questions ddx the other hand is cheap but it you offset the financial gap that inevitably creates a gap in reliability SOUNDS RAS on sound, transparent and dynamic, so you hear everything and its opposite Originally posted on FutureProducers.

The live and the outdoors are demanding circumstances, and I had 2 times of trouble, but for reasons that would have impacted any console console in the water, and console forgotten in the sun, after drying and cooling, ddx return to life!

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I used it only for mix tapes are and what instrument I played. She sleeps in a closet and hope it will eve XLR microphone inputs, line inputs for Jack How many lanes, bus attendant, departures, returns There are better, but that is much more expensive It’s a behrinver unreliable and trade policy malhonnte.


Well, not a failure, not the least abnormal! Me my mine made some false starts in extreme conditions, below and above The DDX has convinced me its price over quality. OVERALL OPINION I know very well on behrringer 01V96 but the LS9 and M7CL, I had the opportunity to work on vista studerharrison film studio mix and some other nice machines incomparable I like my little cepandant ddx offering me a lot of possibilities for a lower prices despite the hacks Note that worries me one encountered on this behrinter seem to be very often due to the PSU heats can very well deport this one out of the console and ventilate more efficassement has provided you know what ing.

Behringer DDX 3216 Digital Mixer

It is a console numrique, do not forget to synchronize with the rest of the hardware. Aprs rpar t have it again the same fault Alim a few weeks after. I keep my and my mackie soundcraft in relief, but at the risk of shock to some, I prfre my !

She almost always had a problem at the level of which ventillo fesais sound of chopper aumoins for a good quarter of an hour before doing a little quieter. Otherwise, some will say that is the Behringer!

If we can criticize dmarches commercial products of the brand, it is difficult to criticize the behringerr that benefitted from an excellent qualitprix.


Behringer DDX – 32 Channel Digital Mixing Desk | eBay

Maybe not optimal, but some will say though, I love! Not seeking any color in the sound, but plutt transparency, it suits me well! Added 10 fvrier I possde this console since and I behringwr used almost every day.

I have three, then, and I bought in a failed, I repaired and works every day since.

If it falls in the road, I make you sign And even that one sounds great! Wow, at that price!!

I hope this little review has helped you, I’m not exercise specialist. I look also forward to X32 the behringer. I started without reading the manual. I use it for about two years every day from the fan, no worries.

Trslgre coloration in the acute to the headphone jack. I think the problem come from the power supply, fan and drain hole are ridiculously small and the console seems poorly ventilated.

The ddx digital mixer has all the standard studiotools on board, like channel delay, gate, compressor, effects, and even phase reverse. I bheringer it just for a few days, but this is the best buy i made in years!

It’s just a complete production package, can’t think of something missing. I love everything about this console and I’ve never had problems with though I use it often in difficult conditions cold, humidityThe synchronizes the HD

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