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Jacob swallowed and tentatively put pressure on the knife. His voice was much lower and a bit raspy. He drew a shuddering breath. They stood there, side by side in a strange, almost serene moment. When he finally came to, Edward was still under him. He focused on the non-animal part of his brain that was getting smaller and smaller over the years. He needed to get laid more. It was made of shining marble. Less instinct, more memories.

Are they willing to let it ride or will they fold and let the house win? That’s why the wolf life suited him perfectly.



Better get this done fast. But then, as suddenly as it had started moving, his hand froze. Jacob glared at him. What happens when the love of ree, life is taken from you, yet haunts your dreams and your soul? There were more trees, more greenness and more wetness as the forest grew thicker.

Come back, come back, come back. He had noticed it helped to keep himself together. A documentary film about the taboos, stereotypes, bt struggles of Black actors in Brazilian television “soaps.

He was literally racing against his thoughts. The sun, the smiles, waves, sand, speed, the freeway, the laughter, the wind, the feel of her hair, her smell, her voice, her skin.

Fanfiction,Jacob/Edward, Nc jakeward

The white face slashed through his human mind just before everything concrete disappeared and he replayed the challenge in his mind. You behibd this as your punishment. Instructional Films and Lessons. Then he unwrapped the rest of his limbs from the white naked body that was now lying motionless under him.

He had never been harder in his life and it had never felt like this. Sexual assault, that is. Like his human senses were somehow stronger and more sensitive than they should be.

Fanfiction,Jacob/Edward, Nc-17

He pushed that memory away, bringing back other ones instead. His own muscles were burning with effort. He halted before he could see it. Do you need this? The bloodsucker must be desperate. As a human, he could barely see him trying for the trees. After what felt like an eternity of hovering on the edge and being pulled back again and again, or a second that ended too jakeware, he was coming once again with such a force it finally knocked him out cold.


All of a sudden Edward was on top. He was grinding his hips down before he knew he was doing it. Jacob started moving then. The film was embraced by black gay…. Fucking ironic that they were both here. He leaned against a tree trunk and slid onto the ground, resting against the damp wood. He pushed in bdhind, because he would have exploded if he had moved any faster.

With effort he straightened up and started walking. The raindrops hit his eyes, blurring his vision just ny that everything was slightly out of focus.

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