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The movement sensor is a switch. Bar graph display and driver – Output Device. Photodectors are semiconductor devices which respond to light. The tilt switch is ued to detect movement. Pulse Unit – Input Block.

Tilt Switch – Input Sensor. Non-Inverting Amplifier – Process Unit. A bargraph display is usually used to give a visual indication of an analogue voltage signal.

DC motor – Output Device. The sound sensor provides an output signal voltage that responds to sound detected by a microphone. Semtech AT-2 Rapid 10k thermistor The bulb subsystem converts the input signal into light. They are used in a wide variety of electronic subsystems to regulate current and control voltage. Makes something happen when both inputs are activated.

BCX38B Datasheet

A stepper motor turns through precise steps. It is useful for turning something on until a second signal switches it off. Add to it whatever you like — a navigation section, a link to your favorite web ddatasheet, or anything else. CD1 Rapid mA more expensive, higher current e.


Datasheet BCX-1 PartList

Photodetector – Input Unit. There are two types of optoswitch – the slotted dxtasheet and the reflective optoswitch. The output signal from the switch subsystem goes high when the switch is pressed.

Rapid SFH Rapid Pages Images and files Insert a link to a new page Loading A keypad is used for data entry.

BCX38B equivalent datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Positive latch The positive latch produces an output signal that goes high and remains dagasheet when the input signal has been high. Rapid horizontal vertical. This is your Sidebar, which you datasgeet edit like any other page in your workspace. It will only respond to loud sounds. The reed switch is used to detect the presence of a magnet. Driver Units — boost the power from process units http: Depending on the circuit details, it can provide simple on-off operation, or it can receive data from a hand-held remote control or a PIC.

The light sensor is used to detect changes in the amount of light in its surroundings. If the sensor is moved accelerated the switch opens and the signal goes high. It gives an analogue output signal which is proportional to the difference between the two input voltages. Rapid case-mounted Rapid Motor: The width of the pulses to the servo motor controls the angle through which it turns.


The switch subsystem provides a switch that closes when pressed. Inverter Pulse Unit Datasheet. Retriggerable Monostable – Process Unit. Units are available that will play a variety of tunes and interesting sounds and that record and replay sounds. Servo motor – Output Device. Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. Buzzer and Piezo sounder. Batteries are used to provide electrical power to portable electronic systems.

BCX38B Datasheet

datashret The comparator provides a large change in signal when the input signal only changes slightly and converts an analogue signal into a digital signal. Optoswitch – Input Unit. Buzzer and Piezo sounder: Moisture Sensor – Input Sensor. The reflective optoswitch detects when a reflective object is near the optoswitch. Produces a switch that produces a sharp change from low to high, suitable for use with a counter. Loudspeaker – Output Device.

OR Gate Turns something on when either input is activated.

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