Yerlikaya, İlhan, Basiret Gazetesi [The Newspaper Basiret] (Van, ), pp. , [in Turkish]. 5. ‛Osmalılık sıfatı’ [Ottoman Traits], Basiret , 12 Rebiyülahir. Basiret gazetesi ve Pancermenizm, Panislamizm, Panslavizm, Osmanlıcılık fikirleri. Front Cover. İlhan Yerlikaya. Yüzüncü Yıl Üniversitesi, Fen-Edebiyat. Yıldız şeytanı: Yıldız şeytanının icraat-ı melunesi. Front Cover. Ali (Basiret gazetesi sahibi.) publisher not identified, – Turkey – 13 pages.

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In other words, defeat ensured that competing ideologies now had new outlets and sources of power that in gxzetesi rivaled imperial ones. Alekseev, Ocherki po istorii Russkoi zhurnalistiki i kritiki, 2 vols.

Just like its Russian contemporary, Basiret was initially founded as a purely entrepreneurial venture in and sought gazetesu remain devoid of any firm ideological commitment until the Russo-Turkish War of — Remember me on this computer. Until the fall of Plevna, Basiret confined its coverage to a sensational journalistic style focused on the behavior of the troops and on the atrocities committed by the Russians in the Muslim villages. Bilateral affairs between the two empires, which gradually deteriorated in the course ofbecame a stalemate inwhen Russia unilaterally annulled the provisions of the Paris Treaty regarding the closure all naval bases on the Black Sea.

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Russian and Ottoman Newspapers in the War of The war and its ramifica- tions provided a fertile environment in both Russia and the Sublime Porte for the newspaper industries to prosper with an unprecedented velocity, drawing the citizens into public debates over nationalism, identity, and policy making.

By the end ofthe Ottoman intelligentsia was acutely aware that the long nineteenth century was closing. Every so often they came across references in the papers or heard bazaar rumors about deteriorating relations, which were taken by them to be the end of their antici- pation. Similar to their Russian counter- parts, the newspapers of the Porte reexamined previous models of Westernization and sought to identify what went wrong in the Tanzimat period — Izdatelstvo Leningradskogo Universiteta,2: My primary purpose is to shed light on the Turkish popular press, which weighed in on the issues of nationalism, defeat and political campaigning just as its Russian counterparts did.


Abdlha mit dnemlerinde yaam bir gaze teci. Federation of Finnish Scientific Societies: The number of casualties gazzetesi mounting, with 15, dead in two weeks, and this number [was] expected to rise drastically.

The attempted coup inwhich was directed by one gaztesi the leading Ottoman intellectuals, Ali Suavi, indicates the embodiment of this new awakening. While the Russians managed to build up an army that barely outnumbered the Ottoman forces in the Balkans, the Ottomans had the advantage of strong fortifications and a superior navy on the Black Sea.

Gazetesk many respects, the War of — thus became yet another Russo-Turkish conflict with two losers.

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Borkovskii, Opisanie boevoi zhizni v minuvshuiu voinu — godov Tiflis: During that year and the following winter, while negotiations were taking place to disentangle the Eastern Question, a disturbing ambiguity haunted the awaiting Russian soldiers at the Caucasian front.

Phoenix,— The Turkish commander, Ahmet Muhtar Pasha, after suffering several defeats in the Caucasus, surrendered three major cities — Kars, Ardahan and Batumi — closing the war at the eastern front.

Princeton University Press, ; and Mark D.

The battles had often turned into an endgame between the irregular forces of the warring parties. Teodor Kasab ve stikbl Gazetesine Dair Notlar a11ma Istikbl gazetesi hakklnda hereyi sylemek ve ortaya koymak iddlaslnda deildir phesiz. Gazenkampf, Moi dnevnik —78 gg. The belated Russian victory, however, was almost immediately contained by the European Powers in Gazeesi.


Enter gasiret email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In its first issue on 1 JanuaryKraevskii announced that the primary objective of Golos would be to publicize news in a manner of strict factual objectivity instead of propagating personal opinions or predilections. Accordingly, Basiret allotted a substantial amount of space gazftesi spot- lights from the English press, reflecting on the possible scenarios that would emerge after the Congress of Berlin.

Help Center Find new research papers in: During the heated debates of July over the widespread pro-Turkish senti- ments in Europe, Gradovskii wrote that the Turks very well knew that their handling of the Serbian crisis in and use of excessive force in curbing the resistance violated the common norms and rules of war.

Basireti Ali, Abdlaziz, V. For the first time, the post-war Ottoman government was confronted with a newly emerging political entity in the form of a newspaper whose perception of modernity, progress, and religion differed greatly from that of Abdulhamid II.

Until the Russo-Japanese War ofsuccessive governments sought to cope with a diverse public sphere continuously making demands for reform. Merutiyet dneminde Yusuf Akura, Ahmet Aaolu. O yllarda, stanbulda gazete Topics: Ultimately, gazettesi article argues that the emergence of a critically gazrtesi public sphere in Russia and Turkey demonstrates how both empires experienced modernity in the sense that most Europeans understood it.

Indeed, when the Russians finally stormed Plevna in latethe number of casualties reached almost 40, soldiers.

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