BANGLADESH NATIONAL. BUILDING CODE. Inbri Housing and Building Research Institute .. LIST OF PARTICIPANTS OF THE WORKSHOP ON BNBC. Bangladesh national Building Code Part 1 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text BNBC Part 03 – General Building Requirements, Control and Regulation. Bangladesh National Building Code BNBC. Copyright: © All Rights . buildings and structures or their components regulated by this code. Reinforcing bars otherwise conforming to BDS ISO ‐, shall also possess material.

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C Cineplex Unlimited as to size Health Care Occupancy E: Some of these classes are subdivided into divisions also. A stage or platform extended beyond the proscenium line and into the audience.

The wall opening required for projection need not have a fire protection assembly but shall be closed with glass or banglzdesh approved materials.

The vents shall be designed to relieve at a maximum internal pressure of 1. G or J depending on process or material used Limited as to number of lanes A non-exhaustive and indicative list of low hazard and moderate hazard industrial uses are listed in A to Z list.

There shall be vents, valves or other openings in the walls of the enclosed spaces which shall equalize the lateral pressure of the water.

Structural or non-structural members serving as entries or exits may be constructed below design surge height.

Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC-2006)

The maintenance inspection shall be performed quarterly. When water skimmers are used for private pools there shall be one skimming device for each 50 m2 of surface area or fraction thereof. The outflow from the drains shall be directed to a containment system or other area that provide a secondary storage for the hazardous materials and liquids and fire protection water.

Non-flammable, non-toxic gases Division 2. The openings shall be protected with a fire resistance assembly doors or windows providing fire resistance of at least three hour. Bangladesh National Building Code Unless areas with different degrees of hazard are effectively segregated and separated in accordance with the provisions of this Code, the most hazardous area in a building shall govern its classification.


Any such building or portion thereof, which is not using hazardous material quantified and categorized in occupancy group J, shall be subdivided as follows: Any solid including blasting agent or explosive that is liable to cause fire through absorption of moisture, spontaneous chemical change or retained heat from manufacturing or processing, or which when ignited burns so vigorously and persistently as to create a serious naitonal.

All openings in ntional separations shall be protected with a fire protection assembly door or window of at least one-half hour fire resistance.

A stage wherein curtains, fixed drops, valances, scenery and other stage effects are suspended and are not adjustable or retractable. I Picture framing stores Raw, manufacture Maximum Quantities in No. Private swimming pool filters shall not filter more than liters per minute per m2 of the surface area.

In floors and areas where no repair works are carried out may be surfaced or waterproofed with asphaltic paving materials. The floors and spaces containing hazardous materials and in areas where motor vehicles, boats, helicopters or airplanes are stored, repaired or operated shall be of noncombustible, liquid-tight construction.

Bangladesh National Building Code-2015

Radioactive Material Class 8: Any substance that causes visible destruction of or irreversible alteration in living tissues by chemical action at the site of contact.

With the exceptions mentioned in Sec 2. The working space between the machines when more than one machine is used shall not be less than 0.

Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances and Articles The quantity and procedure for storage, merchandising, handling, processing, packaging, transportation, shipment and uses of all dangerous goods of above classification shall be regulated as per guidelines of Explosive Act and other relevant Acts and as per rules of Bangladesh Shipping Corporation for safe handling of container for dangerous goods.


The one hour fire resistive separation shall be of at least one hour fire protection construction. Such system shall be connected to the outside air and the point of discharge shall be at least 1. There banglsdesh be at least three exits when seating capacity exceeds persons and four exits when it exceeds persons.

All openings in such separations shall be protected with a fire assembly door or window of a fire protection rating of at least one and one-half hour. The equipment or system that is used to collect or nationao or convey combustible dust or fibers shall builring installed with explosion venting or containment system.

The materials falling in this category are as follows: The two hour fire resistive separation shall be of a construction having a fire resistance rating of not less than two hour. For buildings three storeys or higher, the floor immediately above the design surge level shall be accessible with an exterior stair.

Bangladesh National Building Code: BNBC /

Such changes shall be permitted only when the land use and the bangladesy complied with the provisions of this Code and the laws of the land for such group of Occupancy. Educational Facilities This occupancy type shall include any building or portion thereof in which education, training and care are provided to children or adults.

In any case the ceiling height and the head room clearance of a production floor shall not be less than 3.

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