Our state-of-the-art production lines produce solar cells from high quality silicon wafers and assemble these cells into solar modules of varying dimensions. Astronergy CHSMP, W Solar Panel. Astronergy specializes in cutting- edge research, development and production of solar modules. 20 Top Of The Line, Name Brand, Astronergy Solar, High Power Polycrystalline, CHSM P Watt, High Efficiency, True Grid Tie Class Solar Panels With.

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The trademarks named in this website are the property of their respective owners and have no astronnergy to Discount Solar Supply. And unlike many competitor’s solar powered air conditioner systems, there are no expensive batteries to add every few years and there is no need to change out your existing air conditioner system. Click here to learn why you should choose Discount Solar Supply over the competition.

Better Return On Your Investment: Many states as well as local municipalities permit the home owner to perform a self installation of this system as long as the system is installed according to current NEC electrical codes.

Further reduces your electric bill by pulling your usage out the more costly “higher tier rates” that are Charged by many utility companies. We encourage you to compare any other dealer’s offering to the eight critical criteria that are provide by this system.

If you have paid in full for astronetgy solar system and have not yet received an approval for your rebate reservation, Discount Solar Supply will store your solar system for you at no charge until you have received your rebate reservation approval.

Astronergy CHSM6610P, 240W Solar Panel

Click here to watch a video of one of our New York customer’s electric meter actually spinning backwards after installing one of our systems. Top of the line name brand Astronergy Solar panels. Discount Solar Supply makes no representation as to the accuracy of the financial incentives that astronsrgy presented astrronergy and highly recommends that the consumer contact the entity that is offering these financial incentives to confirm their availability before making a purchase.

High efficiency Polycrystalline technology. Tax credit amounts are approximations. We understand that solar energy may be new for you and that you may have many questions regarding your purchase, that’s ok, you’ll astdonergy that our staff is not only knowledgeable and friendly but actually enthusiastic about helping a customer with a new installation.

System only includes the items that are listed above. Over the years, we’ve seen expensive, name brand, solar panels fail only after a few months worth of use.


All of us here at Discount Solar Supply believes firmly in a clean renewable ” Solar Electric Future ” and anything that we can do to make that future a reality is our mission.

If astroneryg been considering solar for your home or business, it’s now time to celebrate! What does this complete system include? Click Here To Learn More. All final purchase pricing that is quoted to you or that is posted on this website has had the SolarGreenBacks discount applied.

And as always, we highly recommend that you astdonergy verify that any contractor or installer that you are considering possesses the necessary licensing, certification, bonding and insurance. These inexpensive items will differ from installation to installation and should be supplied by the installation contractor once he or satronergy has determined your specific requirements based on the assessment of your site.

Discount Solar Supply is not in the business of accessing home values and hereby makes no claim whatsoever regarding the accuracy or validity of the ICF report.

Why Choose Discount Solar Supply? Which means that in California and asttonergy states, watt for watt you’ll get a bigger rebate with the Astronergy Solar than with any of the solar panels listed below. Click here to watch atronergy short video sent to us by one of our Long Island, New York customers. Click here for the benefits of using the SolarEdge inverter system. More View Company Profile. A s olar system produces energy year round. The decision as to whether or not to include these finding when calculating any return on investment or payback time is solely up to the consumer.

Click Here For Details.

We have a tireless focus on providing top quality products and services to our customers by continuing to be a leading astronrgy provider of solar. If you don’t live in Edison territory, then click here to see what kind of financial incentives your state is offering. Please note that as a courtesy, Discount Solar Qstronergy offers free assistance to its customers in filling out their rebate applications but assumes no liability or responsibility for securing a rebate for you nor any liability or responsibility for securing any specific rebate amount.

Cash rebates are available in many states for the purchase of these solar air conditioner power systems. In fact in most cases we can save you thousands of dollars. Only The Finest Available Products. Skip to main content. Your site’s average solar resource as well as its average peak sunshine hours and resultant system output will vary depending on your site’s geographic location and other factors which are listed at the bottom of this page.


Please contact your state or utility company to determine equipment ratings and exactly how your rebate will be calculated and what your rebate amount will be. In a side by side comparison we’ll prove why our name brand top of the line equipment outperforms the competition hands down at a price that can’t be beat.

Astronergy CHSMP, W Solar Panel

The SolarGreenbacks discount does not apply to dealer pricing nor does it apply to any pricing other than our posted sale price. The AC rating of your equipment is typically calculated by multiplying the PTC rated output of your solar panels by the number of solar panels multiplied by the CEC weighted efficiency of your inverter, multiplied by your system’s design factor which is based on module tilt angle, azimuth angle, shading and geographic location, multiplied by the current per AC watt rebate amount.

The photos that are depicted above, if any, are of large ground mount, multi-megawatt solar installations and are not meant to illustrate the specific products that are included in this particular system.

With more than ten years of experience operating our own state of the art, in-house solar repair center, we know what technologies perform well in the real world and what technologies do not.

Powerark Solar Pty Ltd Stand: Click here astronergu learn how to avoid the typical tactics that are used by sales people to convince you to buy their overpriced solar systems. Depending on the size system you choose and the number of loads you have running during the day, it is actually possible watch the power company’s meter run backwards.

In fact, we’re so sure that ours is the best deal available, astroneggy we’ll beat any nationally advertised price on our same, in stock, top of the line systems or your system is astronerg.

And that’s not just talk. Always demand to see a full list of material including brands and models and ALWAYS ask for a copy of the mounting system’s factory warranty. After applying SCE’s rebate, your final system price can be as low as: What is the cash rebate and tax credit all about? High tech, IronRidge High Strength mounting rails.

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