Viscosity of Asphalts by Vacuum Capillary Viscometer. ASTM D, EN , ASTM D, IP , EN , AASHTOT Rev 2. Content of Presentation. ✓ What is Bitumen. ✓ Viscosity of Bitumen. The ASTM D, IP , ISO , and AASHTOT test methods cover procedures for the determination of viscosity of asphalt binder (bitumen) by.

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The bottom layer has the standardized 51 mm openings as prescribed by ASTM D and related methods and awtm upper layer has wider openings to accommodate our stainless steel holders.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Based on this experiment, we can conclude that a slight temperature variation by only 0. A bath overflow outlet protects from expanding bath oil when the bath filling is expanding at higher temperatures. In every continent and most of the countries worldwide you can find a TV or TV The standard describes the manual measuring of determination of kinematic viscosity.

The results of the six tests are mentioned in the table.

Viscometer tubes will not move due to the bath fluid circulating inside the viscosity bath. Auth with social network: For sample 1 it is calculated as follows: The kinematic viscosity determined value is the product of v2171 measured flow time and the calibration constant of the viscometer.

Remove bath from packaging material. Registration Forgot your password?

Viscosity of Bitumen ASTM D2170, EN 12595, ASTM D2171, IP 222, EN 12596, AASHTOT 202 Rev 1.01.

The time is measured for a fixed volume of liquid to flow under gravity through the capillary of a calibrated reverse flow viscometer at a closely controlled and known temperature. Some competitors just state the standard deviation of the mean or mention the stability for a few minutes.

  ISO 17638 PDF

The viscosity bath has a drain to remove the bath content. The bath has to be filled with a liquid suitable for 2d171 temperature.

Remove This Item Compare. Hydrocarbon product, originating from crude oil, refrained from lighter fractions. Share buttons are a little bit lower. COM for further information. Rows 3 and 4 show the minimum and maximum temperature during a test.

It is highly energy efficient 6 Watts.

Tamson TV4000 for ASTM D2171 Viscosity of Bitumen

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. In Europe it is named bitumen, while in North America it is named asphalt cement or asphalt. The viscosity in Pascal-seconds is calculated by multiplying the flow time in seconds by the viscometer calibration factor.

This is a good explanation as to why the bath temperature is not stable. Mercury, or its vapor, may be hazardous to health and corrosive to materials.

ASTM D – 01 Standard Test Method for Viscosity of Asphalts by Vacuum Capillary Viscometer

Function Delivers user specified flow rate of gas. Optional is a three decimal readout. This way the temperature reading on the display can be synchronised with an independent separate thermometer. As an example, we show below a graph off an unstable bath.

Row 2 gives the duration of a measurement in seconds, where the time is measured via two optical infra red sensors. And the deviation in the measuring result is Dominant standard in petrochemical labs.


Therefore, accurate viscosity analysis of bitumen at different temperatures has become an important test. Row 6 gives the average temperature of the bath during a test. The deviation is calculated by dividing the v by the average of the five samples.

Published by Robert Sharp Modified over 2 years ago. When connecting to tap water or an external cooler, sub ambient temperatures can be reached. It is applicable to materials having viscosities in the range from 0. Viscosity grade of bitumen have a thermoplastic property which causes the material to become liquid at high temperatures and to harden at ambient temperatures.

So, fault of Tamson timer when measuring one hour is three times less than human error viscosity flow time is between and seconds.

Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. These notes and footnotes excluding those in tables and figures shall not be considered as requirements of the standard.

ASTM D & IP – ASTM equipment

The presence of non-Newtonian behavior for the test conditions of this test can be verified by measuring the viscosity with viscometers having different-sized capillary tubes or with different pressure heads. Clean inner bath thoroughly of any loose packing materials, etc. This maximum power can be selected to prevent overshoot or burning of bath media. Since introduction, thousands installed.

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