CED Gabay. II. CONCEPTS IN ASSESSING STUDENT LEARNING. 1. Role of Measurement and Assessment in teaching De Guzman Santos Rosita, et. ADVANCED METHODS IN EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING 2. Rosita De Guzman-Santos, Ph.D. These approaches are classified below (source: Rosita de Guzman-Santos, ): . 1. Clarity of Learning Targets Assessment can be made precise, accurate.

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Assessment of Learning 2

Performance Tests – Performance checklist – Consists of a list of behaviors that make up a certain type of performance – Used to determine whether or not an individual behaves in a certain way when asked to complete a particular task d. Are there any problems related to teaching? The drawback in these studies can be corrupted or subverted by the politically motivated actions of the participants. They may be suspicious at first; years of conditioning with paper-pencil tests, searching for the single right answer, are not easily undone.

Its highly controlled and stylized methodology may not be sufficiently responsive to the dynamically changing guzman-xantos of most human service programs, and thus posed its potential problem.


What are the guzmab-santos skills of students? Has the teachers’ reputation improved vy been ruined as a result?

These studies help people understand the activities and values involved from a variety of perspoectves. Authentic assessments are new to most students. Inthe distinguished educator Ralph Tyler proposed an “enlarged concept of student evaluation,” encompassing other approaches besides tests and quizzes. Authentic assessments require a new way of perceiving learning and evaluation.

Saturday, May 16, Authentic Assessment. Process What is the workload of students? Authentic assessment promotes a more student-centered approach to teaching.

Ce is discipline maintained? What books do the students have? This shift in emphasis may result in reduced test anxiety and enhanced self-esteem.

Ultimately, a more positive attitude toward school and learning may evolve. Student performance can be documented in four ways: Correlating the two test results c.

Kuder-Richardson — KR 20 and KR21 – Consistency of test results when the same test is administered at two different time periods i.

Public relations studies or information is used to paint a positive image of an object regardless of the actual situation. Rosita de Guzman-Santos, Reliability — consistency, dependability, stability which can be estimated by – Split-half method – Calculated using the i.

These provide general guidance rostia direction on broad issues by identifying and assessing potential costs and benefits of competing policies. Does the content match student abilities?


Portfolio Assessment doc | Lizlie Laosinguan –

Student performance tasks are measured using performance criteria. These are highly respected collection of disciplined inquiry approaches. These studies help people understand the activities and values involved from a variety of perspectives. Inputs What is the entering ability of students? Is there any informal assessment?

educational assessment

Product Is zssessment one final exam at the end or several during the course? Performance based assessment provides teachers with information about how a student understands and applies knowledge.

Copy of an abstract relating to a research conducted on authentic assessment either in basic or higher education. Evaluation is defined as a systematic, continuous huzman-santos comprehensive process of determining the growth and progress of the pupil towards objectives or values of the curriculum. What is performance based assessment?

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