Ashtakavarga chart tobe verified and find out the strenth of each houses. The important houses are 1st the Lagna, 2nd dhana sthana, 4th sukha. Know your Ashtakavarga Prediction for professional core competence with vedic astrology, ashtakavarga analysis has unique strength to calculate the. As per Ashtakavarga in birth chart we can find the strength of planet based rashi the strength of the planet we can predict more result about the planet strength.

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Only in the late seventies computerized packages for astrology started becoming ashtakavargw. Perhaps there is something wrong with regard to children. Vargottam planet in any house that has more than 30 benefic points then the native shall have good results of that house in great extent. If the 2 nd division is smaller then the 1 st and the 3 rd division then Damar yoga is generated. In the houses which contain more number of benefic dots, and if at the same time more number of planets are transiting those houses then any work commenced during that time will be successful.

In the Sarva-Ashtakavarga we need to first understand the following: If the 4 th house has 30 or more benefic dots and it is associated with benefic planets either ashtakavargx placement or aspect then the native owns vehicles. You will have number them in clock-wise direction as we normally do in all the charts.

Yes You are correct. It means that the disease will get cured, money landed is returned or one is able to return the money if borrowed. Talk to Predoctions IST 8: Marriage of native takes place at the age indicated by the benefic dots in the house where Venus is placed.

In case the benefic dots in the 11 th house are less than the 10 th house then the native will get less money as compared to the efforts put in by him. Weakest house — The house that has the lowest score is weak. As for example, if the 12 th house contains less number of benefic dots as compared to the 11 th house then the native shall be rich.


From the above 6 different methods the 3 rd one is more in use. Match Making for Marriage In marriage if the Bride and Bridegroom have more than 30 benefic dots in their rashi Moon sign then they would have a happy married life and would be successful.

Some computer printouts have the houses numbered already. Bheri Yoga If all the 3 divisions are nearly same then Bheri Yoga is generated.

Ashtakvarga Thumb Rules

If exalted Jupiter is in the 4 th house and if there are 40 benefic dots, Sun in the ascendant of Aries and if Moon is in Capricorn then the native will be like King. We remain grateful ashtakavzrga both of them. The information collected from you is confidential and solely for the purpose of computing your birth chart and making astrological horoscope predictions. If the first total is more than the second then the native is wise, doer of good deeds, satisfied and will be charitable.

September 8, at 9: June 20, ashtakavrga 8: Earlier, horoscopes used to be cast manually with almanacs as an aid. Starting from the ascendant till the house which has Saturn both inclusive add up the total number of benefic dots. Notify me of new comments via email. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Many people uselessly argue that only if they have the money predicgions can spend.

Rediscover Professional competency – Your birth chart says a lot!

If the lord of the ascendant is in the 4 th house and the lord of the 4 th house is in the ascendant Parivartan yoga-Exchange of the lords of the houses and if the benefic dots are 33 in both the houses then the native shall have affluence and have prwdictions status.


I had been conferred Fellowship in Bridge Engineering. Your personal profile or information will not be sold or shared with any third party. Samudaya or Sarvashtakvarga A table consisting of 12 houses and 7 planets i. Difficulty due to Evil Spirits If the Moon is weak and if the Moon sign lord is having less than 25 benefic points and if Ashtakavarha is fully aspected by Saturn birth is on New Predictins day and if Moon is aspected by Saturn then that native is harassed by evil spirits.

Ashtakavarga Chart Calculator Online, Ashtakavarga Table Calculator, Analysis

Thank you for your suggestion. Should such houses be aspected by benefic as well as malefic planets then the results would be mixed. If the following 4 conditions are met with in any horoscope ashtakavsrga such a person will easily accumulate wealth. House and Lords of the House. Professional core competence consists of clusters of natural talents, attitude, knowledge and skill set. Also note the houses with less number.

Her mother, she and her sister had to fight it out for close to 20 years and despite all odds they made it. It is a pointer for the astrologer to conduct further research on the house of children.

Hence astrologers are advised to consider the degreecal difference and the zodiacal sign of predcitions while giving predictions. The Sarvashtakavarga chart or other Ashtakavarga charts are not be used separately for reaching a conclusion.

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