Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan has ratings and 19 reviews. Holly said: stars. Fun read. Todd Gallagher suffers from the all too common wr. Directed by Todd J. Gallagher. With Andy Roddick, Todd J. Gallagher. ‘Andy Roddick Beat me With a Frying Pan’. Courtesy Three Rivers Press. As strange as it may sound to anyone with a sense of decency, there.

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Despite the title of his book, Gallagher beat Roddick. I’d like to say my crying victory was a testament to my greatness, but really it was just my brilliant strategy. Roddick spends his time plowing through opponents in major mf, while I spend too much time on my couch watching him do so. Todd Gallagher is able to get serious, credible pro athletes to help him gauge his ridiculous ideas that we’ve all had or heard about.

Mar 02, Dave rated it liked it. A clever, entertaining read.

Could You Beat Roddick — If He Used A Frying Pan?

He pxn an all-midget lineup up against a pro baseball team. You wouldn’t win a point and would possibly get injured by one of his serves. Veat, it would force him to expend a lot of mental energy to resist making bad “out of the frying pan” puns when he won a point. Laugh out loud funny Todd Gallagher suffers from the all too common writer’s problem where he thinks he’s way funnier than he actually is.

Andy Roddick plays tennis with a frying pan at a charity event in Boca Raton, Fla. For instance, one dealth with the time he played goalie with immensely oversized goalie gear that put him anyd goalpost to goalpost in width to see if he could shut out the Washington Capitals NHL team in a practice. Lists with This Book.

Andy Roddick could beat an average player with a frying pan

Who would win in a fight: To employ an over-used phrase “It is what it is” — but what it is is a fun, breezy, exploration of various fun sports scenarios — can an obese goalie stop every shot, can anyone pick a quarter of Taking the Field with Pro Athletes The deep flaw in this book is that the author lets too much of his personality shine through into his writing.


Hitting every shot flat may not have been a problem for his coach, Jimmy Connors, who struck everything on a line, but for any other tennis player in the world, not being able to use spin to control your power and depth is a real issue. Jan 18, John rated it liked it. You ever read a book and say to yourself, “I’ll be willing to bet good money that this author is just a tremendous asshole”?

Wanting to put on a show for the adoring my word, not theirs crowd, I let my ego get in the way and went for a big shot down the line that missed by inches. But I laughed a lot. But you can never account for the heart of a champion, especially when you’re talking about kitchen utensils. The book attempts to answer goofy sports questions, like “What would happen if a team of all midgets played in a Major League Baseball game?

Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan (TV Movie) – IMDb

It’s worth reading for any sports fan. This is, in part, because I’m not rpddick good, but also because the difference between a recreational player and an actual pro might be greater in tennis than in withh other sport. On the appointed day I arrived in Boca Raton, Fla. Still, it qualifies as persuasive, informative, and entertaining. Andy has hit the fastest serve ever recorded, at mph.

He s This is an amusing collection of essays researching some great sports debates.

Andy Roddick could beat an average player with a frying pan

Massive goalies, midget batters, and Mike Tyson To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. As hard as he tried to keep the ball in the court, the frying pan I had saddled him with eventually did what I wanted it to.


The main one was his inability to put spin on the ball. But I didn’t care how embarrassing it was; I finally had my win over a top player, and even better, in the process I drew blood. Mitch Cowan rated it really liked it Nov 19, Andy Roddick beat me with a frying pan.

Orrin Konheim rated it it was amazing Aug 31, No trivia or quizzes yet.

Like Roddick, I can hit all of the shots. The results are hilarious and enlightening. Nov 25, Holly Cline rated it liked it. Andy Roddick is a year-old professional tennis player roxdick 23 ATP titles to his credit, including the U. Fourth, a frying pan has no strings, taking away Fryinb ability to use a variety of spins that help him hit powerful and well-placed groundstrokes.

May 30, Oliver Bateman rated it really liked it.

As you may imagine, it’s not that easy to serve a ball with an instrument designed to serve eggs and bacon. While someone with no tennis experience would not win a point from Andy in a set, I probably wouldn’t have a prayer of winning more than a point or two either.

The best way to make the comparison is to say that there’s no comparison. Lowlights include the rodfick on groupies and the psychic at the rock-paper-scissors tournament. To Roddick’s credit, though, he fought through these problems.

It was smart, funny and interesting–especially if you are a sports fan. He recruited America’s 1 darts player to test that uncanny accuracy in beer pong. Could you beat a tennis star, say Andy Roddick, if he had to play with a frying pan?

Unlike Andy, I can’t hit any of them particularly well or with any kind of power or placement.

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