Toward a Commonsense Answer to the Special Composition Carmichael – – Australasian Journal of Philosophy 93 (3) Alvin Plantinga: John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Notre Dame University I give two arguments against materialism. A NEW ARGUMENT AGAINST MATERIALISM. ALVIN PLANTINGA. PLENARY ADDRESS FOR THE EVANGELICAL PHILOSOPHICAL.

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Dragon Apostol May 5, at 7: There is also the possibility that you are the secret Emperor of the Seven Planets, but are suffering in exile from amnesia. No, this is about a different kind of seeing, the kind involved matfrialism seeing that the number 79 is prime, or that a set can have members I can direct you if you like.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. It seems hard to see how a material object can be about something. But, to me, it indicates that my soul is fundamentally connected to and plntinga upon the material function of my brain.

That’s a more complex state space that can’t be mapped to any one of them. Accurate models make good predictions efficiently. Thus if materialism were true, the content of our beliefs would be causally irrelevant. Alvih it seems his body does exist in some sense, just in another unidentified medium at least for the duration of the replacement.

As I said, you’re basically just begging the question by assuming that my particular materialistic hypothesis is false at this step. But then my original objection applies.


A computer program, while running as a process on the hardware of a computer, controls what the computer will do. On materialism, the coin of belief has two sides: It is a category error, but I think people overestimate the importance of distinct categories and then extrapolate an ontological gap from an explanatory gap.

Against Materialism by Alvin Plantinga MP3 Audio | Apologetics

If materialism is true, then the content of our beliefs is causally irrelevant. To learn more about what is and is not considered philosophy for the purposes of this subreddit, see our FAQ.

Post titles must describe the philosophical content of the posted material, cannot be unduly provocative or click-baity and cannot be in all caps. Like the computer, I can alvinn chess, or I can balance my materialksm, depending on which process I choose to engage in.

Good response, there are so many seeming paradoxes that simply resolve themselves So either there are no beliefs or materialism is false. Biology, the Incarnation, and Christian Materialism.

The idea of moving subatomic particles producing semantic content seems almost mystical, and it seems easily conceivable for there to be a possible world where the same moving subatomic particles generate a different semantic content, albeit as a materialist I would believe this afainst involve tweaking some sort of physical necessity that makes moving subatomic particles generate mental states.

Religious Topics in Philosophy of Religion. That doesn’t make the chair “immaterial”.

Maybe I am not a material substance, but a material event or process. Plantinga imagines a situation where modern science has advanced so well that it can replace body parts extremely quickly.


Alvin Plantinga – Against Materialism

If so, then I think you’re modally fine – or at least in good company. Computers can identify an image for example, and can make judgments based on it. Plantinga against materialism or for immaterialism. Never heard of either under those descriptions.

Questions of ontology effect how we think materixlism all other branches of philosophy and life. Ah, you say, but that count is grounded in another system: I was just laughing at myself for associating logic with logos in this context.

Alvin Plantinga, Against materialism – PhilPapers

Encouraging other users to commit suicide, even in the abstract, is strictly forbidden. I know of only two kinds of dualism.

As for the replacement argument, I think there’s a strange conflation of mentality with personal identity going on there. So why accept materialism? In the end, the notion that the firing of C-fibers, say, is the same as pain-consciousness, is very counter-intuitive Intuition to the rescue again? The best argument against materialism and concomitantly for idealism I have yet encountered came from Sir James Jeans of all people.

The Conceivability Argument and the Intuition of Dualism.

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