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Le Journal de Tanger. The fact that mobile phones and the internet are interactive media, very accessible especially on campus and more than just a source of information, would partially explain why students found them very important. If free tabloids and newspapers were added to the paid dailies, global circulation would increase by 3. On the other hand, letters to the editor and puzzles are more frequently read by readers from the low income category. The main purposes of this study are to explore audience reading habits of newspapers and readers’ attitudes towards the editorial content and layout characteristics of daily newspapers.

List of newspapers in Africa. Global advertising revenue made by the internet during the yearsalmawsae accounted for 10, 12 and 14 percent, respectively.

For the purposes of this study, these ways are not discussed in detail, but their general principles are used to outline how readership is operationally defined and measured. On the other hand, Sulaiman Zaid Table 8 shows ANOVA results on readers’ satisfaction level with the newspapers’ coverage joournal 13 topics. He used a stratified sample of students and employees selected from schools and public and private institutions.


The European countries that have the highest number of non-readers were, in descending order, Greece, Journap, Belgium and Portugal. Dennis List offered six different ways of measuring readership. Both Oman and Observer follow the same editorial policy as they are considered the mouthpiece of the Omani government.

Amongst free weekly tabloids, Futoon appeared to be the most read publication Retrieved 9 October The court ruled against Azzaman for publishing defamative and false information against lamassae then Minister of Justice. To what extent can jkurnal researcher rely on the assertion of the audience that they read without seeking further details about their reading habits and the content and publication they read?

ARro’yah was thought to be the first business newspaper.

List of newspapers in Morocco – Wikipedia

Retrieved 21 January Books, radio and audiocassettes were ranked second, third and fourth. According to the World Association of Newspapers 3 Augustthe Middle East is the only region where newspaper advertising revenue remained stable. The indirect government subsidies come in the form of paid advertisements and announcements. This means that occasional readers and nonreaders of Oman were advancing a almassze judgment, based on their previous encounters with the newspaper regardless of any editorial changes the paper has made in the recent years.

It also investigates the role of some socio-economic factors in the issue of jlurnal and perception.

List of newspapers in Morocco

Thus, in light of these figures and recent development in the newspaper industry, accompanied by the lack of any robust readership study in Omanthere is a need to investigate readers’ perception of Omani newspapers and their reading habits. Every newspaper has its own image, almqssae can sometimes become either a brand or a stigma.


Many newspapers in Oman have also undergone layout changes. In AprilAl Jazeera described it as “the country’s most popular daily”. Oman is a monarchy with a population of slightly over three millions according to a estimate by the Ministry of National Economy abolished by a royal decree in March However, in depth analysis reveals a very complex picture regarding the status of print media in different countries.

In sum, Alwatan was viewed more positively than other newspapers. It appeared in Februarybut became a daily only in Further analyses revealed statistically significant differences between the mean scores of males and females in reading three forms of writings.

جريدة المساء المغربية – Al Massae

In terms of responsibility, The study used a non-probability sample, namely convenience, since no sample frame has been identified for the population. Al-Ghabshi studied Omani women’s general use of different mass media including newspapers.

Respondents’ reading frequency of nine types or forms of journalistic writing was correlated with their satisfaction with a newspaper’s coverage of different corresponding topics.

Socialist Union of Popular Forces.

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