Antecedentes: La actinomicosis de pared abdominal es un cuadro clínico poco frecuente, aso- . there is no person-to-person transmission, nor animal-to-. Meaning of actinomicosis in the Spanish dictionary with examples of use. common to several animal species, which especially attacks bovids and rarely men. oxygen tension.3 The multimicrobial nature of infection is well described in animal models and in human cervicofacial actinomycosis–

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Loose teeth induce hypersalivation and dysphagia difficulty in feeding. In patients with primary skin and soft-tissue actinomycosis, abscesses have to be drained and prolonged antimicrobial therapy is required to achieve cure.

As a consequence, penicillin G or amoxicillin are considered drugs of choice for the treatment of actinomycosis. There is a swelling of the maxilla and mandible. Churchill Livingstone Elsevier; Sin embargo, puede profundizar y producir lesiones a nivel Stereotaxic puncture revealed pus with Fusobacterium nucleatum and A.

Actinomycosis in animals – Wikipedia

Physical examination revealed a right pulmonary crackling actinomicsis. Endobronchial actinomycosis associated with foreign body: CT features with histopathologic correlation. MRI showed back soft tissue infiltration, posterior epiduritis, and infection of the L2 and L4 vertebral bodies Figure 5B. Cervicofacial actinomycosis is a relatively rare condition worldwide, with no predilection for age, race, season, or occupation. J Obstet Gynaecol Res. Pancreatic actinomycosis has been described in patients with pancreatic stents.

Actinomycosis axtinomicosis a quite common condition in cattle, where it is referred to as lumpy jaw or senfed moroccan arabicanimaled it can also occur in horsesswinedogs and rarely in sheep.

The use of semi-selective media such as phenylethyl alcohol or mupirocin-metronidazole blood agar may increase isolation rates by inhibiting overgrowth of concomitant organisms.


A year-old man with long-term tobacco and alcohol abuse was admitted for asthenia and loss of 20 kg in 6 months. Right radical nephrectomy was performed and the pathological examination of the specimen found actinomyces colonies.

Occurrence of BONJ is associated with duration of bisphosphonate therapy, concomitant use of corticosteroids, and mucosal disruption. Diagnosis can be difficult, and especially making a distinction between neoplastic conditions, malignant hemopathy, and other cervicofacial ne such as nocardiosis or mycobacterial infections.

Patients with actinomycosis require prolonged 6- to month high doses to facilitate the drug penetration in abscess and in infected tissues of penicillin G or amoxicillin, but the duration of antimicrobial therapy could probably be shortened to 3 months in patients in whom optimal surgical resection of infected tissues has been performed.

Actinomyces israelii is the most prevalent species isolated in human infections and is found in most clinical forms of actinomycosis.

Case 2 A year-old man with long-term tobacco and alcohol abuse was admitted for asthenia and loss of 20 kg in 6 months. A year-old woman with past history of breast cancer was admitted 7 years after radiotherapy for left mandibular metastasis with left mandibular pain, buccal-sided bone exposure, and sinus tract Figure 4. Simple culture of Actinomyces in BAL, as with sputum, is inappropriate for the diagnosis of pulmonary actinomycosis, except for patients with cavitation, as it may represent colonization.

Actinomycosis: etiology, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment, and management

Abdominal ultrasonography and tomography yielded a right renal mass with retroperitoneal bleeding Figure 1 and multiple bilateral pulmonar nodules Figures 2. Antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Actinomyces species with 12 antimicrobial agents. Early diagnosis of renal actinomycosis is important to avoid surgery since actinomyces respond well to high doses of Penicillin.



Signs and symptoms Signs and symptoms of patients with digestive tract actinomycosis depend on the anatomical location of the disease.

Preventive measures animalws required to limit the occurrence of the disease. Actinomycosis IUD-associated infection is infrequent, but is clearly associated with the duration of the IUD use, hence it is recommended that an IUD be replaced every 5 years. Laboratory data often suggest infection but fever is not a frequent symptom 1.

Finally, clinicians should indicate suspicion for actinomycosis to the microbiologist to ensure that prolonged culture on appropriate media and animxles an appropriate atmosphere is performed.

A common method to achieve this is to give the cattle sodium iodide orally on a regular treatment schedule. The Actinomyces bacteria that cause lumpy jaw are always present in a healthy cattle’s mouth.

Its findings vary according to the stage of the disease and the region involved 1. Indeed, the diagnosis is crucial for an accurate diagnosis, by using specific culture media that allow the growth of Actinomyces spp. Microbiological diagnosis of actinomycosis The bacteriological identification of Actinomyces from a sterile site confirms the diagnosis of actinomycosis.

Retrieved from ” https: It is notable that surgery is not typically considered for treatment of cattle as it is in extreme human cases. Computed Tomography CT is the method of choice for evaluation of characteristics and extent of the process.

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