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AC , AIRCRAFT ELECTRICAL WIRING. INTERCONNECTION SYSTEMS TRAINING PROGRAM. Commenter. Comment. Requested Change. Disposition. FAA AC LESSON EWIS Incidents. In this lesson, we cover: • EWIS. • TWA Flight Incident. • Lufthansa Cargo Incident. LESSON EWIS. The guidance used to identify and meet these training needs is contained in FAA Advisory Circular (AC) This course addresses EWIS compliance.

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Inspection criteria and standards for wire and wire bundles a. Wire type codes alphanumeric b. Inspection This module teaches students the skills of inspection to identify wiring system damage. Chapter cross-reference index X Primary bonding HIRF protection c.

Staff View: Aircraft electrical wiring interconnection systems training program

Measurement and troubleshooting using meters X 7. Inspection criteria and standards of wire and wire bundles X The reason for concern about Fuel Tank. For further More information.

A simple power distribution More information. For handy reference, insert your av More information. Original 07 More information. Inspection of wire bundles 4. Finding the correct tooling d. This program More information.


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Replacement of components for grounding modules. Skelly, an oil magnate, founded Spartan as an aircraft manufacturing. Unused wires-termination and storage X Recognizing electrostatic discharge sensitive ESDS equipment and demonstrating standard anti-static procedures so that no damage occurs to that equipment. The ATA specification wire maintenance video and color photos of actual electrical wiring interconnection system contamination could be used to show typical problems found on the airplane.

Knowledge of the general types of connective devices and how to identify them airplane specific. ESDS safety procedures e. Summer and Winter Operations.

Human factors in inspection X X Name of person performing self-audit: Enhanced zonal analysis procedure EZAP 2. Knowledge of specific zonal inspection requirements related to system affiliation and environmental conditions.

Correct use of electrical meters for measuring voltage, current, resistance, continuity, insulation, and short to ground. The course has been specifically designed to give flight crew 120-944 a thorough overview of ETOPS fundamentals, focusing on key topics and concepts. Bleed air and hot areas h. Terminal lug crimping c. This rule covers general requirements for all switchgear. Electrical bonding and grounds a. Surface cleaning and elaborate access procedures may be required.


Airworthiness and Operational Date: Protection during airplane maintenance and repair X X X This advisory circular AC provides guidance for developing an enhanced electrical wiring interconnection systems EWIS training program.

We will consider other methods of demonstrating compliance that an applicant may elect to present. The NTSB specifically cited the need for improved training of personnel to ensure adequate recognition and repair of potentially ca wiring conditions.

Enhanced zonal analysis procedure EZAP. Maintenance As defined in 14 CFR 1.

Skelly, an oil magnate, founded Spartan as an aircraft manufacturing More information. All of these questions will be answered. General Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems Practices This module lays the groundwork for safe, effective maintenance and repair 12094 airplane electrical wiring interconnection systems and removal and replacement of line replaceable units LRUincluding built-in test equipment BITE testing, without damage to the airplane or injury to the student.

Human factors in inspection Examples: Initial training program content for Target Groups 3 through 8 is outlined in Appendix B.

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