Acura Legend Coupe Owners Manual Original [Acura] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. View and Download Acura Legend owner’s manual online. Acura Legend Keys .ute to the daily operation of your Gauges .Ignition Switch . Access your Acura Legend Owner’s Manual Online Acura Legend Owners Manual. Acura Legend Owners Manual Acura Legend Owners Manual

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Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Loosen the drain plug on the temperature control dial to maxi- bottom of the radiator. Main Menu Index Light, Burned-out Safety Labels They warn you of potential hazards that could cause serious injury.

Wipe the dipstick with a clean 3.

If a label comes off or becomes hard to read, contact your Acura dealer for a replacement. Determine from the chart on the fuse box cover or inside the fuse box which fuse or fuses control that component. Have the car checked by your Acura dealer. Page “0” mark. Main Menu Table of Contents Windshield Wipers Check the condition of the wind- shield wiper blades at least every acurw months.

Radio Frequencies you do not like lefend stations found by quencies at least 0. The radio comes on and displays the frequency of the station it was last tuned to.

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Stop filling the tank after the gas Opening the Hood pump automatically clicks off. Push the bulb holder into accura turn Replacing a Front Turn Signal signal assembly and turn it clock- Light Bulb wise until it locks.


Page 33 The installation of “custom” steering stay lit see page Pre-Owned but excellent condition set of owners manual for Acura Legend. If you are interested in how to Windshield Washers Place the new air cleaner element stationask your Acura dealer to do 1.

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The installation of “custom” steering stay lit see page If it does Supplemental Restraint not go off, or comes back on again System Indicator while driving, take the car to your The SRS light normally comes on for dealer to have it checked.

The right lever has controls for the windshield wipers. This system consists of an airbag in the center of the steering wheel and a padded knee bolster on the bottom of the dashboard. Remove the two owbers.

Apply the The hydraulic system that operates brakes at all four wheels. All the essential controls are Speedometer Our manuals date as old as the and to current.

Acura Legend Owners Manual | PDF Car Owners Manuals

Each time you press the MODE button the display shows the mode selected. Press the legenx up fully. It shows you the position of the shift lever. Legend Coupe and Sedan.

Acura Legend 1991 Owner’s Manual

The drive will pull it in the rest of the way and begin to play, illumi With this off delay function. Position the belt low on your hips, push the red PRESS button acuga the end of the belt away from the latch not across your abdomen. Page NOTICE should replace the tire if you can see Improper wheel weights can damage the tread wear indicator in three or your car’s aluminum wheels. Acura, make sure they are radial tires Drive slowly with chains installed. Used in combination with the heater, it also makes the interior warm legnd dry.


Terms and conditions apply. Main Menu Table of Contents Battery Check the battery terminals for corrosion a white or yellowish powder. Depress the brake pedal and restart the engine.

Please refer to the illustrations. Buying Format see all. Raise the wiper arm slightly. Main Menu Table of Contents Fuses If you cannot drive ownrrs car without NOTICE fixing the problem, and you do not Replacing a fuse with one that has a have a spare fuse, take a fuse of the higher rating greatly increases the same rating or a lower rating from acurz of damaging the electrical one of the other circuits.

Delivery time is approximately five weeks. If the “D ” indicator light flashes while driving in any shift position it indicates a possible problem in the transmission.

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